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Name:Yijia Yan
Interests :Cognitive Neuroscience; Theoretical Frameworks of Working Memory

I am a senior student at School of Mathematics in Fudan University. Migrating from Shanghai to Vancouver and Kyoto, I pursue fascinating study in cognition and neuroscience that beyond my major. I believe that the research on working memory is an access to the human high-level cognition, such as decision-making and theory of mind. Currently, I am interested in the neural mechanisms of visual working memory, especially the correlated theoretical frameworks and explanatory models. Collaborating with Yurong Sun, I use computational frameworks (e.g. 2-Dimensional Diffusion Process, Interference Model) to explore how rewards and punishments would affect human’s working memory perception.
I occasionally indulge in travelling abroad, writing prose, and enjoying literature, film, and music in leisure time. During the one-year exchange program at Kyoto University, I was the director of a non-commercial fantasy film Two Days in Parallel Lines (平行線の二日 Heikousen no Futsuka.Yukidaruma Production, 2017).